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2 thoughts on “Moving with NextStep

  1. I have a successful 16 year old company called Mansion Minders that helps vacant homes to show like model homes. Our subcontracted Mansion Minders move their beautiful furnishings in the home and live in the home and Mind it, until it sells. Next Step Relocatons has helped quite a few of our Minders move to their Mansion as well as use them again for their next move!! They have protected my clients furnishings as well as the home during the move. They offer very competitive prices along with fast and gracious service. I can recommend this company for your Next Step in Relocations!!

  2. Oct 23 Clayton Torres and his team came to our home to make a huge move for us (over 3,000 sq ft). He arrived, quickly inventoried everything and marked it, coordinated all the men to keep it flowing smoothly and took the time to be one of the most courteous gentlemen I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. I don’t know where he gets his energy, but he never stopped, literally, running the whole day. He saw to it that everything was handled carefully and professionally. They put in a long, hard day and still remained thoughtful and polite. Hat’s off to Clayton and his crew! Remarkable young man!!

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